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If you’re in desperate need of Computer Repairs or Upgrades, count on The IT Fella to get it done!


About The IT Fella

The IT Fella knows just how frustrating computers can be some times. They are often much slower than they should be or keep throwing errors up when you’re in the middle of something.

If this is your computer, The IT Fella wants to know! That fella who has years of experience in dealing with problem computers. The IT Fella can perform computer repairs and upgrades to most well known computer models up to 10 years old.

Whether it’s an unknown fault, virus removal or wifi issues, desktop or laptop repair, perhaps you need a whole new computer or an upgrade to your existing PC or Laptop, The IT Fella would be more than happy to help you.

For your convenience we will come to your home at a mutually agreed time to suit you. We will professionally unplug, repair clean and return your computer and ensure it’s all up and running so you don’t have to lift a finger.

We are located in Pye Green, Hednesford and cover Hednesford, Cannock, Heath Hayes, Hawkes Green, Rugeley, Penkridge and Burntwood.

Our Expert Services

Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrades

A  SSD Upgrade is one of the best gifts you can give a computer. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Laptop or a Desktop, all computers running old mechanical drives will never beat Solid State on performance.

Memory RAM Upgrades

A Memory / RAM Upgrade helps you get more done at the same time.
Imagine the Memory as your Desk. The bigger the Desk the more documents you can quickly access at one time.

Computer / Laptop Repairs

Computers can often be repaired when you think all else is lost. Whether it’s repairing or replacing failed components The IT Fella will diagnose the fault and give you full competitive pricing to fix the fault.

Other Areas of Expertise


Backup Solutions

Your Life tends to be on your computer, whether it’s family photos or important information you need to keep safe. The IT Fella can help you backup all of that important data.


Anti Virus Solutions

Viruses and Malware are more common than ever. With effects ranging from annoyance to complete data loss, The IT Fella can remove these pesky programs.

Password Solutions

The average person has up to 80 passwords to remember. 71% of people use the same passwords for multiple accounts. Speak to the IT Fella about a Password Manager to secure your online accounts.

New Computer Advice

The number of PC’s and Laptops are mind-boggling. Let the IT Fella choose the right PC for your budget and use. We’ll even go through and set it up for you.


Phone / Tablet Advice

Life was much simpler when Apples and Blackberries were the names of fruit! Need advice on the latest handheld devices, get in touch!


WiFi Diagnostics

Suffering from poor Wi-Fi Signal in your home? Using the latest Wi-Fi mapping software, The IT Fella is able to pinpoint the problem and fix it quickly.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Fantastic speedy, friendly and very efficient service. A VERY slow laptop brought back to better than when it was new and for a very good price. Picked up, repaired and returned in less than 24hrs. Would very highly recommend.
Dave Fryer
Replaced the screen on my daughter's iphone. Great service I would definitely recommend 👍
Mark Brown