Forgotten Windows Password

Did you know The IT Fella can recover your forgotten Windows Password?  Local Windows accounts are particularly difficult to reset if you have forgotten the password.  Maybe you have inherited a PC from a family member but are unable to use it as you don’t know the password?  Our computers contain a good portion of our life now.  With family Photos and Videos being the most commonly stored valuables on our PC’s.

What if you were to lose access to this valuable data because of a forgotten Windows password?  Don’t despair, The IT Fella can normally Recover your Windows Passwords and get you access to your data once more.

Many customers throughout the Cannock Chase area have trusted The IT Fella and our Windows Password Recovery Service!

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Challenge The IT Fella to see if your computer can be repaired.  Many happy customers across Cannock and Hednesford have had their computers repaired and enjoyed continued use for many years.

Lost or Forgotten Password?

Have you lost the password to your laptop or desktop computer?  If you have added your computer to your Microsoft account you can normally reset the password via the Microsoft Website.

However if you still have a Local Windows 10 account which is disconnected from your Microsoft Account there is still hope.  The IT Fella is able to recover forgotten Windows passwords for local accounts.  Our Windows Password Recovery Service allows you to gain access to your valuable data once more.

Our service is available to anyone looking to regain access to their computer because of a lost or forgotten Windows password.  The IT Fella can usually recover passwords for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 10.

Many customers throughout the Cannock Chase area have trusted The IT Fella to recover their windows passwords.


How long will I be without my computer?

The IT Fella knows just how difficult it is to lose access to your computer for even a few hours.

Firstly I need to diagnose and identify the fault with your computer.  The IT Fella charges £30 for this service.  Once I have identified the fault, I will provide a written report to advise you of the costs to rectify the fault.  I will also give you my honest opinion.  It may be that the computer is of an age that it may not be worth the cost of the repair.

Once you have agreed to proceed, I will get the parts ordered and get the repair completed as soon as I can.  I’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Do you offer any guarantees?

The IT Fella always aims to complete all work to a high standard, using high quality, reputable parts.  Our work is guaranteed for 6 months.  The parts normally carry their own manufacturers warranty from anywhere between 12 months and 3 years.  Always contact me if you experience any problems after I have worked on your computer.  I will never leave you stranded, that I can guarantee!

Is my data safe?

This all depends on the failure.  Of course, if it is the Hard Drive that has failed, which is the most common fault.  It could be possible that the data is not recoverable.  I do have a number of recovery tools at my disposal and will always try to restore what I can.

Of course, if the fault is with another component then there is no reason that your data should be lost.  The IT Fella is fully insured against any accidents.

SSD Upgrades

A Solid State Drive / SSD Upgrade is one of the best gifts you can give a computer.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a Laptop or a Desktop, all computers running old mechanical drives will never beat Solid State on Performance.

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Memory RAM Upgrades

A Memory / RAM Upgrade helps you get more done at the same time.  Imagine the Memory as your Desk.  The bigger the Desk the more documents you can quickly access at one time.

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Computer Repairs

Computers can often be repaired when you think all else is lost.  Whether it’s repairing or replacing failed components The IT Fella will diagnose the fault and give you full competitive pricing to fix the fault.

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Your Life tends to be on your computer, whether it’s family photos or important information you need to keep safe.  The IT Fella can help you backup all of that important data.


Viruses and Malware are more common than ever.  With effects ranging from annoyance to complete data loss, The IT Fella can remove these pesky programs.


The average person has up to 80 passwords to remember.  71% of people use the same passwords for multiple accounts.  Speak to the IT Fella about a Password Manager to secure your online accounts.

New PC

The number of PC’s and Laptops are mind-boggling.  Let the IT Fella choose the right PC for your budget and use.  We’ll even go through and set it up for you.


Suffering from poor Wi-Fi Signal in your home?  Using the latest Wi-Fi mapping software, The IT Fella is able to pinpoint the problem and fix it quickly.