RAM / Memory Upgrades

RAM (Random Access Memory) is at the centre of your computers performance.  You could have the fastest drive in the world and the most powerful processor money can buy, but if you don’t have enough RAM, you’re in trouble.

I like to think of RAM as a Desk.  Your Hard Drive is a Filing Cabinet.  The bigger your desk, the more files you can have open at a single time.  You can quickly and easily reach any file that is open on your desk.  What happens when your desk gets too full?  You have to file stuff away in the filing cabinet.  Just in the same way your computer puts things on the Hard Drive when your RAM gets too full.  This process in a computer is called Paging.

So now you have stuff in your filing cabinet (Hard Drive) and on your desk (RAM).  You need to work on that file that just went into the filing cabinet.  Oh dear, you have to go find it now.  Takes ages doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be quicker if you could open everything on your desk?

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Almost all computers can have their performance boosted by installing additional Memory.  The IT Fella has upgraded computers that are 8-10 years old and given them a new lease of life!


How long will I be without my computer?

The IT Fella knows just how difficult it is to lose access to your computer for even a few hours.  In most cases Memory Upgrades can be installed in your home without the need for The IT Fella to take it away!

It is rare that I would need to take your computer away to perform a Memory upgrade, but if I do, I like to get it back to you next day where possible.

How much faster will my computer be?

In all honesty it is difficult to tell.  This is partly down to the software you have installed on your computer already and other components such as Hard Drive and Processor.  Some computers will have limitations as to the amount of additional RAM that can be installed.  For the best performance it’s best to couple a Memory Upgrade with an SSD Upgrade.  Ask about our bundle deal!

Is my data safe?

Absolutely.  Memory Upgrades don’t affect anything stored on the Hard Drive.  Every time the computer is switched off RAM is emptied.  It’s what’s known as Volatile Memory as RAM doesn’t store permanent data.

SSD Upgrades

A Solid State Drive / SSD Upgrade is one of the best gifts you can give a computer.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a Laptop or a Desktop, all computers running old mechanical drives will never beat Solid State on Performance.

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Memory RAM Upgrades

A Memory / RAM Upgrade helps you get more done at the same time.  Imagine the Memory as your Desk.  The bigger the Desk the more documents you can quickly access at one time.

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Computer Repairs

Computers can often be repaired when you think all else is lost.  Whether it’s repairing or replacing failed components The IT Fella will diagnose the fault and give you full competitive pricing to fix the fault.

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